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Hi, I am 21 currently. I started propecia almost exactly a month ago. I have started to shed a lot more than usual. I'm just a little concerned on the process of Propecia. I know it varies with everybody. However, I would appreciate it if somebody can inform me if what is happening to me in normal exactly. I remember reading about initial shedding and the regrowth period will happen in about 6 months. But I would really like to clear that, and if someone can help me, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

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From what I understand there's no formula to predict when you shed, if at all, due to Propecia (Finasteride). If you're starting to shed more than normal and started taking Propecia (Finasteride) about 1 month ago that's likely what is causing the shed.


I wouldn't be too worried. The shed is a matter of your hair being kicked into it's Telogen or "resting" phase. This lasts anywhere from 5-6 weeks at which time it will start growing again. We are all constantly going through a shed whether or not we take Propecia (Finasteride). However, Propecia (Finasteride) seems to have the uncanny ability to push more hairs than normal into the Telogen phase at the same time therefore the shed is more noticable. Normally, at any given time, 10%-15% of the hairs on your head have shed and are in the Telogen phase..........it's a cycle.


Just wait it out and check your progress in 6 months or so. Documenting your journey with pics will help you.



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Disclaimer: I'm not a Doctor (and have never played one on TV ;) ) and have no medical training. Any information I share here is in an effort to help those who don't like hair loss.

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