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Specific Side Effect of Propecia -> Pain in testicles


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I got it too. I reduced the dosage and that got rid of it. I also think it was fading within a few days' time on its own.


I don't know what does it. I read at least once somewhere that it was likely due to an overabundance of testosterone in the testes because the testosterone wasn't being converted to DHT#2 like it normally would have been. So once your body's hormone levels have had a few days to adjust, the testosterone in the testes levels out and the pain would be gone.


I don't know whether this explanation is true or not, but it's the only specific one that I've heard on the issue so far.




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but many of my friends have gone through periods when their Testes just ache?


Personally, I remember going through this years ago ( way before Propecia) as well as 1 friend in particular..


No diagnosis though for either??



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My views are based on my personal experiences, research and objective observations. I am not a doctor.


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I don't mean to damper your mood, but I had this and it never subsided. I can distinctly recall the first day it happened (about 2 weeks after taking) and honestly I had no idea propecia could cause such a thing and was worried it was something more serious like cancer (so it wasn't psychological). After a month or two it seemed to have subsided partially but come 5 months later was still lingering practically daily.


Next, I realized how the drug was altering my libido and have since stopped the drug. It has been about a week and the pains seem to be diminishing.


I've heard that for some it shows up and disappears relatively quickly. For me, however, it lingered and if your's does too (maybe more than 2-3 months) I'd consider altering your dosage/getting off it.


I got off it about a week ago, I figure now I only have one worry (my hair) rather than 2 worries (my hair and my health).


Good luck,


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