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help with spiro topical preparation

Susan in Indiana

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Hi all,


I've googled this topic to death but am still looking for some additional help/ideas.


I have oral spironolactone 100 mg tabs and am not really a pill person. I'd love to make my own topical preparation.


any suggestions for making an easy topical preparation? I know it dissolves better in alcohol but would like to keep the alcohol to a minimize so it won't dry out my hair.


I've also read that it dissolves well in minoxidil. I had stopped using minoxidil because I only had results with it when I used

it with emu that had saw palmetto in it and it was a greasy mess. However, desperation is making me rethink that. I restarted minoxidil

today... so dissolving in minoxidil is an option for me also.


any tips? tricks?



thanks in advance



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