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Hypothetical Situation - Super fit or bald?

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If you had to choose one of the following two scenarios, which would it be and why?



a) Being ordinary, perhaps slightly chubby in size, i.e. your body is nothing to look at, lots of soft areas ... and you have a full head of hair


b) Body of your choice, i.e. ripped like a tank, huge bulging muscles all over ... but bald and no donor hair or medication help




Which would you choose, assuming that you can only be fat and hairy, or ripped/huge and bald?



I think I would take option b). Its my inspiration - I work out hard, and am growing rather large and bulky. I like it. I figure that retaining your hair is sort of out of our control (mostly). But becoming ripped like Arnie, well, thats POSSIBLE regardless of genes (OK someone will probably come out and point out that some people cant become massive due to genes etc lol)


The way i look at it, if my muscular appearance became supreme like I wish it could be, I wouldnt really stress over the hair - I would just shave it to skin, and be content with having to walk sideways through doorways due to my sheer size.


lol @ all of the above, what has gotten into me.




What would you choose?

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This is an unfair question because if I was in category of A I could simply work out and by my choice with no help from anyone else, I could make myself have both a full head of hair and big muscles.


However if I am in category B with NW 7 hair loss then there is no way I can ever get myself to where I want to be.


So I would choose catagory A since I wouldn't be there long. That's 1000 times better than being stuck in category B for a lifetime.

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Assuming both scenarios are taken as absolutes, and my fate is to be immutable in both, I would still insta-pick option "A".


Wouldn't hesitate, either; though, if you substituted "obese" for "ordinary", I would have to give it serious, serious thought.


Thankfully, I suppose, we have almost total control over our lives w/ regard to option A, and a good deal of control over option B.


*A Follicles Dying Wish To Clinics*

1 top-down, 1 portrait, 1 side-shot, 1 hairline....4 photos. No flash.

Follicles have asked for centuries, in ten languages, as many times so as to confuse a mathematician.

Enough is enough! Give me documentation or give me death!

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