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How much time have you spent reading and researching for this info on this and other forums? Please, the info you seek is already written and discussed in many many areas here; read and research this forum for a few days and you'll find most of these questions already answered and you'll have a better knowledge base to start from.

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Here's a short set of answers, thickerhair:




Hair transplants don't create new hair, they only move it around on your head. The operation is more of a "skin transplant" than a "hair" transplant. The surgeon is cutting off a long strip of skin (in an area of your scalp that is still growing thick healthy hairs) on the back of the patients' head. Then the surgeon divides the strip of skin into thousands of smaller pieces, and then he puts the tiny pieces ("grafts") back into the patient's head on the front/top. When everything heals up a few months later, the bits of transplanted skin will continue to grow hairs hairs on the front & top of the patient's head.



Hair transplants are good for people with small and medium baldness problems who never want to shave their heads. People with severe baldness at an early age are usually not suitable for HT surgery because everyone has a limited amount of skin that can be taken from the back of their heads before it becomes obvious and ugly. A severely bald person will usually run out of "donor hair" at the back before the surgeon can cover their bald areas everywhere else.


It is a big risk to get hair transplants at a young age because you don't know how bald you will eventually get in the future. And baldness problems usually continue to get worse for the rest of your life. So if you have a big problem at a young age, that is a bad sign because it means you will probably have a MUCH MORE baldness eventually.



The worst situation that can possibly happen is when a man gets a lot of hair transplanted into the front/top when he is young, even though he was a bad HT candidate, and then the man goes VERY bald later in the future. The man won't have enough donor hair for the surgeon to cover the rest of his head later. So eventually the man's head does not look normal the way the hair grows because of the half-finished transplanting process, AND the man can't shave his whole head short/bald (like a normal bald man often does) because of the ugly scars on the back of his head that would be showing.


To avoid this situation, you and your doctor need to always plan for the WORST POSSIBLE baldness problem that you might ever get. Even though the surgeon might be able to transplant a lot of hairs from the back into the front and make you look great at first, this is a terrible plan for the future if the surgeon uses too much "donor hair" when you are still a young man.




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