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does tarnsplanted hair fall?

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Right after the HT, the grafts fall out and regrow and then in most cases transplanted hair stays for life. There are a very small (statistically insignificant) number of cases where the transplanted hair has fallen out after a few years. Noone is sure why at this point. It could be that the Dr strayed from the "safe" area while harvesting donor hair..or something else.

For the most part though, its permanent

- badger

3279 grafts with Dr Gabel - 06/12/08


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With 5 days after surgery, the hair goes into a dormant period (the length varies by patient and by surgery--each one of mine were different times). The hair grows back at different periods thus regrowth can continue out to 18 months, but normally 12 months is 99%.

One thing that speeds up the dormant period and sometimes preven dormant fallout (which was my case on my last HT) is to use Graphcyte and keep the grafts most along with Rogaine after the 5th day. Continue using Propecia as well throughout the process. This seems to speed up the healing as well as the dormant fallout.



Dr. Shapiro

Propecia/Rogaine xtra

MSM/Saw Palmetto

Nioxin Shampoo line

Zrii 3oz daily

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