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Dr. Bijan Feriduni

Dense packing FUT performed by Dr. Feriduni - NW Class V - 4010 FU

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FUT performed on a 41 year old Caucasian male with:


- NW Class V

- Donor density of 80 FU/cm??

- Hair diameter of 76 microns


Treatment plan:


- 1st procedure with 4000 follicular units to reshape the face and fill in the mid head/crown area

- 2nd procedure with 3500-4000 FU to achieve a higher density rate in the mid head area and cover up the complete crown area

- A medicinal therapy with finasteride to stabilize or prevent further hair loss


Performed procedure (October 4, 2007):


A Follicular Unit Strip Transplantation with 4010 FU:


* 1350 single hair FU

* 2140 double hair FU

* 520 triple hair FU


Donor closing in 2mm lower edge Trichophytic Closure technique (double layer suture);

A combination of parallel (single units) and perpendicular incisions (double and triple units) in custom-sized blades technique (~Cutting Edge blades of 0,75mm ??“ 1,05mm);

Dense packing technique with a density of 60 FU/cm?? in hair line and feather zone (single units), a density of 30-50 FU/cm?? in density zone (double units) and a density of 20 FU/cm?? in the crown area (triple units).


The patient postponed his second procedure until summer 2009 because he was tremendously happy with the result of the first procedure.

I will keep you informed!



Dr. B. Feriduni


9591051004_E9AFDEF4A0060D1B08812C8EC2F54CFB.jpg.thumb 9491051004_07DD8FAB866504C1CAAAE6D1E5603AAF.jpg.thumb 9391051004_A6FC4A8E469A510FB6386D6FD6F157D3.jpg.thumb 8591051004_DF652F812113FA0E1C4F4EB786A029F6.jpg.thumb 8491051004_B2432AF7E85A84CECBB7F04C4C8FF90C.jpg.thumb 8391051004_5189318B0437BE9D2279CE1B8F59A5BB.jpg.thumb 7591051004_CAA4D14F7FD4A7177D3036F2CFADFCAA.jpg.thumb 7491051004_492836D439D60853FFB7D75CA99E3831.jpg.thumb 7391051004_7E7850A9DCA7D4844E85578546A5FDAB.jpg.thumb 6591051004_3B4493D67AFCA69EA23794A6B6F8B284.jpg.thumb 6491051004_9457987BA80E6314502B158BA3F03D1F.jpg.thumb 6391051004_F8FB0A09CD3334D3057A03F9384F2D50.jpg.thumb 5591051004_E522E51348E4AF627B8CACA7D42AB399.jpg.thumb 5491051004_BA0799C4D7F18F951A7C0076F0928032.jpg.thumb 5391051004_2342C7B1370E0176B75765F5664CE35E.jpg.thumb 4591051004_807EE007DF572A20F8DD24FC6E1562FF.jpg.thumb 4491051004_47CDD4F933A5537B1D6385A6F922C9FE.jpg.thumb 4391051004_BDD8016EB0810257DB1E9284BB016ADE.jpg.thumb 3591051004_240E4FE8E44C7BB23364788690EB8A93.jpg.thumb 3491051004_714FCE8DBFF6CBDC25405048732BA348.jpg.thumb 3391051004_6D55173EE9C3E0E156107F1AE6B9BBEE.jpg.thumb 2691051004_987F508A82173FC1A17B09703883EBCD.jpg.thumb 2591051004_7328B93A8033806A95B7EA995C03A071.jpg.thumb 2491051004_AD0116DE65CE5BE5182F82ADA9787724.jpg.thumb 1691051004_7B6814BC6EA4AF2CE0CC28974F748406.jpg.thumb 1591051004_0DD8BEA440172155C28E8206BCBE54E9.jpg.thumb 1491051004_2553636D320D8732FDE3BFC6D9066DEF.jpg.thumb



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Dr. Feriduni,


Your patient photo presentation and details provided is like few others. In fact, I think I may start using this as an example of an impressive presentation for others to model.


Congratulations to this patient for an absolutely amazing life changing transformation and kudos to you and your experienced staff for your dedication to producing excellent resulst!


Best wishes,



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Originally posted by Bill - Associate Publisher:



Re-read the surgical details.


He only had one surgery and postponed the second one. Therefore, the title is accurate icon_smile.gif




then i am gobsmacked! icon_eek.gif

2381 fut Dr Bessam Farjo

2201 fut Dr Bessam Farjo

2000+ fut Dr Bessam Farjo


My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Bessam Farjo


challenge the unchallenged.

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looks amazing for just one visit. i agree, i'm not even sure a 2nd visit is even necessary. but the back photo looks a bit odd to me? below the crown?

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