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Dr.Armani 3117 grafts 14months (Hair Transplant)

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sorry for everyone,i dont know why i can login my chanyouzhe so i change to my real name linwei,my photos before also can not dispaly~~

The day doing the procedure with Armani on 18.12.2008. 2 times minoxidil daily, I am healthy,no disease.no wig...doing the procedure only on the zone1 and zone 2,total 3117 grafts.


SEE MORE PHOTOS LONG TIME AGO http://photo.myspace.cn/131090.../1129019/page/1#this


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You couldn't get into your old account, because your email address on that account is no longer active.


Please send me a private message with a valid email address and I'll re-activate your old account. In fact, I prefer you stick to using your previous account so we don't have users with multiple accounts.





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