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Dr Feller, 2,500 grafts. 1 month on

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Having previously had a disastrous hair transplant at the Hospital Group at Wellesbourne, I was very disillusioned with my hair loss. This led me to desperate measures and resulted in me wearing a hairpiece for

over 2 years. I was never comfortable with this and decided to find out more about hair transplants.. Surely not all surgeons would be a brief chat about getting a HT done in America. He was incredibly helpful and

gave me plenty of advice and offered to meet up to have a longer chat.


I only wish I had come across this forum alot sooner and had met Spex. All questions and concerns I had were put to rest and I booked a slot in with Dr Feller. 3rd July was going to be the big day.



After weeks of patiently, July finally came round. I decided to make the most of my trip to the US, so booked a 2 week trip taking in Miami and New York whilst there. As advised by many on the forum, we decided to stay at

the Andrew Hotel. The hotel was very comfortable and the staff were very helpful.



Having got to Great Neck the day before the surgery, I was incredibly nervous of not getting to the Surgery on time, so I booked a taxi for 7am only to find out there was no one in sight. It was 7.10am !! I guess I was

keen to get on with it ! I decided to take a walk and take in the sights of Great Neck. Not quite on the tourist trail but interesting enough to keep me occupied for half an hour. I decided to head back to the surgery and the doors were now open. I walked into Dr Feller's surgery to find him just getting and preparing

for the day ahead. Being quite nervous about the day, I found Dr Feller to have a calm, relaxed manner which helped relax me. He spent a while trying to get my new hairline right whilst listening to any requests/concerns I had with the new hairline.


My previous botch up at the Hospital Group had brought my hairline too low. This concerned Dr Feller but we came to agreement on how best to resolve this. By checking my hair characteristics, Dr Feller felt the maximum I could possibly get was around 2,800 grafts. This was dissapointing as I had been hoping for 3,500 grafts. Mother nature hadnt been kind again !


The next step was the injections to numb the donor area. I wasnt looking forward to this but it wasnt too bad in the end..just lots of sharp pinches. Once this was done, I started to feel more relaxed about the rest of the day as hopefully I wouldnt be feeling much. However, having a scar from previous surgery meant certain areas were still slightly sensitive. The next steps were the usual steps with the donor strip extracted followed by Dr Feller creating incisions for the new grafts to be placed into.


Dr Feller and his assistants

helped make me feel very relaxed and made sure I was comfortable at all times. I came close to falling asleep several times but didnt want to in case I started snoring loudly. Well, it had been a long flight and I hadnt slept much the night before !!


The final step was the placing of the grafts. The assistants kept cleaning the recipient area by spraying water...this was actually quite refreshing though I did get soaked a few times ! Eventually, all the grafts had been placed and I heard the magic words of "we've finished". I was told I had 2,500 grafts extracted. There was a massive sense of relief that I had got through it and the HT hadnt been as painful as I expected.


I got given post op instructions, some painkillers and some lunch (which was a nice gesture). Dr Feller then took additonal pictures before I was on my way back to the hotel. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and trying to rest.



The next day, my holiday was due to begin with a flight to Miami. I had to take my cap off at the airport but I wasnt too bothered. The airport security had more important things to check than the state of my head ! The week was spent in Miami...the painkillers did help and the only discomfort was the staples when sleeping. But this wasnt too bad and sleeping upright with a travel pillow helped alot.


I returned back to Dr Feller's surgery to have my staples taken out the day before flying back.

It felt really good having them taken out though my head was still quite numb. For the next 3 weeks, I seemed to have good coverage on my head with the grafts remaining on. It felt really good but alas, as is the case, they seemed to die...become flat and then fall out. But I am hopeful they will return. I guess this is the worst part now...patiently waiting for hair growth. I have been using dermmatch to help cover up my scar and try to make my hair seem like it has more covereage. The numbness of my head has almost dissappeared now a month and a half post surgery.


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Good to see you matey! I will endeavour to get your session pics up too. Grow well!!!


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Is that the hospital groups work at the very edge that you can still see ? , whats the plan with them hairs .. Electrolocis ? or does the doc think them hairs will blend in with the soon to be new hairline just behind.

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Yes, sadly they are the Hospital Groups' work. Allegedly wass 750 grafts. I'm not sure what I will do with them as the doc said I wouldnt be able to get the coverage I wanted if he moved the hairline so far down though he did try to zig zag the hairline at the front. The hairline is planned to be like a 'V' like shape. Fingers crossed !

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