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please, give me some help!!!

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Im 22y.o and been loosing my hair for a while:/ since 18 or something.


My front line started to back off.

I have tried a lot of different shampoos and conditioners, but nothing seems to work for me.


Rogain forte and stuff like that would not help me neither, since they specifies, not to use it, if my hair loss start at the front.




Is it anything you can recomend for me that may help?

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Treatments such as rogaine and finasteride (propecia/proscar) can help at the front, it's just that they aren't as effective and the original trials focused on the crown/vertex.


It would be worth giving them a try.

I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal.


My FUE Procedure With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result


I can be contacted for advice: matt@rahalhairline.com

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