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Great Hair Transplants


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Hi there

I have been doing my research on some luminaries of hair transplantation who have had fantastic results, and it seems that they all had high density procedures!!

For example Shuffle had a density of over 65 grafts per cm2 due to favorable scalp geometry in having a small head, while Spex had a density of over 55 grafts per cm2 with minimal balding, I also think evolution had a high density procedure again with minimal balding. Further London lad and NicNitro's large donor supplies, I think, have enabled them to have to achieve a density of over 45 grafts per cm2, meaning they too had dense packing.

Are all truly good ht's reliable on advantageous characteristics that allow dense packing as it seems?

Moreover it seems that in addition to dense packing that the mature high hairline is needed to obtain these results.

For people with normal characteristics over Norwood stage 6; which needs approximately 200cm2 from a donor supply of 7000 grafts and say 1500 by fue can still not achieve high density, this means they would appear thin or see through in harsh light, or that they have high density in most and a bald spot or thin area somewhere. In my opinion and hearing the complainants of many veterans whose continual qualm is density causing may to go back again and again, high density possibly leaving a thin area at the back for the normal guy is they way to go.

I am only speculating please feel free to correct me.

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You are hitting on some important points. It sounds like you are on the right track with your logic.


Ultimately, what can be realistically achieved per patient depends upon the area of baldness to cover (considering current and future hair loss) and the patient's available donor supply. Surgeons don't typically transplant hair at uniform density. The front is usually targeted for higher densities with tapering off as they move further back on the scalp.


Patients like me in the upper classes of hair loss (Norwood 5A/6) will require a great deal more hair transplanted to achieve what most consider to be "full" restoration. Many unfortunately, don't have enough donor hair to achieve both full coverage and adequate density.


For instance, I've had 9600 grafts and I still lack density in the back half. However, I no longer have any bald spots and my hair transplant holds up pretty well even under harsh lighting, even though there is still scalp visible from the top down view.


Best wishes,



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