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Small FUE session advice

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Hi all, hope we're all good!


I am 30 and had 2200 temple FUT by the great Dr Rahal in 2008 and now have the following plan:


a) 300/400 FUE in forelock - now as need a bit of a boost which should tie me over until....


b) 3000/4000 FUT in front 1/3 in 2 or 3 years time as a final transplant


I am keen to do option 'a' through the most minimalist intrusive method possible - FUE and through no shaving (i think this should be achievable for 300/400 FUE).


Who would you guys recommend for the FUE session?


Many thanks

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Where are you located? Without more information, I couldn't tell you whether or not you'd potentially make a good FUE candidate. However, in the US, I'd consider consulting with Dr. Feller and Dr. Shapiro who are providing realistic and quality FUE procedures. Dr. Feller has been performing the procedure longer and thus has more results to show. Both physicians are very meticulous and thorough and have outstanding reputations.


Best wishes,



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