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misc post op questions

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Hi just had some post op questions... Any help is appreciated.


Would wearing a cap for extended periods of time have any affect on HT growth? (2 months post)


Do certain exercises such as sit ups, push ups, squats or pull ups stretch your scar?


Is it normal to still get the occasional small scab on recipient area even 2 to 3 months post op?


When is it safe to resume scalp exercises after a HT?

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Taking a Chance-


Wearing a cap will not affect HT growth. Hairloss and growth are not affected by the wearing of a cap (even though some do believe that hairloss is sped up by wearing one). I wore a hat out and to the gym at my two month mark and I was an early grower and have had no issues because of wearing one.


Instead of situps do crunches, but don't pull on the head and pick a point on the ceiling and crunch toward it wersus "curling" your torsoe (proper way to do a crunch). Pushups and pullups are fine if you keep your head in a neutral position. I would stay away from squats for a while longer.


I am not sure about the crusts questions. Are you sure it is not dandruff?


Six months after my HT, I was told it was ok to do scalp exercises.

My initial HT thread:

done and done!! Check it out...

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