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6 Months - Excuse me First Time Posting

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I had approx 3000 grafts done on Jan 19, 2009. Starting to see a little thickening but a long way to go. Will most likely be going for 2nd session towards the end of the year for hopefully about 3000 more to finish up the crown. Been reading and looking at others results on this forum for a long time and hopefully I am posting these results correctly. Thanks for any input.


529102953_2369548822B2064C4DE8AB8246CBFC0A.JPG.thumb 429102953_9B2AE2DF57A1F6A246E38F188ED96B77.JPG.thumb 329102953_CD3D0D7872C5F57232385A595A8C85B2.jpg.thumb 229102953_51710F9D381EE3D6BB89FB27558E6A88.JPG.thumb



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Hi Manko.....sorry to say it was done by a very nonpopular outfit.....what I mean is they not regarded highly by anyone on this site. I did like the surgeon and he came highly recommended and has been in the the hair transplantation field for a long time...15+ years. I can't say anything negative about the work they did on me as I do plan on going back. I'll keep you posted.

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