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Hans Weiman Feedback; St. Louis

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New to the site. Went in for my first consultation at HW yesterday in St.Louis. I'm 31 and balding at the temples, slightly at the crown and a little thinning in between. My options were fixing the front with about 2500 hairs or 5000 hairs to fix the front, fill in the crown and in between. The cost difference is $8500 or $6800. Based on value I would lean towards 5000 hairs. Anyone have experiece with Hans in St. Louis or otherwise. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

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I had a hair transplant in June 2008 and used Dr. Larry Samuels, he is in Chesterfield, Mo. He is very nice, his staff is amazingly kind and I believe they are the best deal around. He is a one man shop so there is no overhead for the "name". Good luck, it is a BIG prodedure.

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Care to post some pics michele? It would be GREAT to see some good work.


Also, make sure when you are consulting on a HT you 100% the difference between hairs and grafts.


2500 grafts is 1200-1300 grafts


5000 hairs is 2300-2600 grafts


on average.

Go Cubs!


6721 transplanted grafts

13,906 hairs

Performed by Dr. Ron Shapiro


Dr. Ron Shapiro and Dr. Paul Shapiro are members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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Hans Weiman does mostly hair systems and laser therapy. But they also run a PAI medical franchise out of their BASEMENT! I went there to have my sutures taken out after my surgery with Dr Rahal. I asked them about their procedure and the tech told me how their grafts had 10-15 hairs in them. Sounds like they still use mini grafts to me. Also just do a search "PAI medical" on this site and you'll find some info.

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I am the Michele that wrote in August of 2009 I am not sure that the transplant did anything to improve my condition. I had a lot of shock loss, it was so hard to keep this procedure a secret because of limited hairstyles that I could wear. Headbands became my best friend for about 4 months. I kept waiting to see all my little sprouts of hair but I think many of them were the hairs that I already had but they had fallen out from shock. I still have thin hair on the top of my head, I wish that were not the case. Please think long and hard about this. It is so much money and the results may or may not be worth it to you. The best to you

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