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lifting heavy things post op?

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Hi ,just a question , while on my way back home from the airport after my HT 2896 grafts with Dr. Path it was nessacery for me to lift my quite heavy suitcase in and out of airports , trolleys , cabs etc , i used arm muscles and put no pressure on my neck or scar and everything looks fine but i was wondering is there anything that the increased blood flow / pressure can do to harm the grafts , there was no bleeding and they had well and truely scabed over so i assume were fine under the scabs ... im sure there would have been excess blood rushing to my head from having to bend over to pick things up etc in the days post op ... for example picking up dropped items such as coins , items of clothing etc , but mainly my concern is the weright of my suitcase on the trip home , prob a grand total of 10 minutes strain.

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I'm sure you're fine. Besides, the sutures/staples are still in keeping the sutured area together. Obviously, you don't want to overstrain the area, but carefully carrying your luggage won't cause any harm.


Congratulations also on selecting a terrific hair tranpslant surgeon.


All the best for a successful hair transplant procedure,



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