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Healing and scarring question

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Im looking to have a touch up on my hairline this summer and have a consult in the next 2 weeks. The touch up is on the sides near the temple area and not in the very middle of my forehead.


My question is this: this doctor appears to do excellent work and, when making incisions, advises that the incisions for the grafts do not exceed 1mm. What are my realistic expectations are healing? Because these incisions are very tiny and I can most likely cover it up by parting my hair in the middle, how much healing will have taken place at about the 10 day mark?


Will the skin just be pink, still scabbed up, or almost not noticable? Also, with these tiny incisions, what does the actual scarring look like around the hairline? Is it reasonable for it not to be so noticeable if I were to cut my hair very short?


Im at a huge crossroad in my life as to decide whether to move forward with this. Im 39 years old and do feel lucky to have the hair I do at my age especially when Ive noticed a small recession around age 18. I did have some hair transplants back 14 years ago at the very back of my temple area and in that time, have had very little recession. The incisions for that were much bigger and I can honestly not remember how long it took me to heal up for that.



I believe I have my dads hair who looks like he had bout the same hair when he was my age (when looking back at my childhood pictures). He's in his mid 70s now and has had some recession in the forhead, but absolutely no baldness in the crown area.


I really appreciate any detailed insight someone can give me on my timeframe of healing and not much scarring I can expect where the grafts are put in.

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