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Questions to ask when in consultation with a HT surgeon

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I just thought it would be useful to create this thread stating some things that people who are considering hair transplant in determining what questions to ask a HT surgeon when undergoing a consultation.


I guess one of the questions would be on follicular units per square metre in determining density of hair.


Front hairline design would be another one.


Any others?

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I remember at my consultations I asked the followiong


- In your opinion, how many grafts should I get?

- Can you outline where the donor strip will be removed?

- Can you outline the recipient hairline?

- How is my density?

- How is my Laxity?

- Do you foresee any complications?

- What NW class would you consider me?

- If I get this procedure done, how long do you think I'll be happy?

- How long will the procedure take?

- Are you using Lateral Slit or Sagittal Slit?

- Do you use needles or custom blades?

- Am I a good candidate?


just to list out a few

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