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how many day post op can one start taking smultivitamins/mineral & protein again

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Since each doctor has their own set of postoperative instructions, check with your physician. However, I see no reason why you can't start taking them immediately after surgery. The reasons why you have to stop taking several of these things prior to surgery is because they thin the blood and potentially make surgery more difficult. But once the surgery is complete and the blood clotted, you should be safe to resume vitamins, protein, etc.


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this is safe to use if its a natural no additive product etc, just check to see if it has artificial sweetners etc, sweetners are bad for health in genral the total affects are unknown, but protien/amino acid shakes are good for the hair also aid in skin healing, so eat asmuch protien and aminos as you like but if its an all in one shake just take a little caution becuase of aditives but all in all you should be fine taking it

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