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Who in the US?

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Do you take Finesteride? For New York, I would recommend Dr. True. Do some Internet research on him. I just had my second 1309 FU grafts transplant with him 9 days ago and I'm doing terrific! I'm also VERY pleased with the results of my first 1503 FU grafts by Dr. True in June 2003. Happy researching and best wishes for future hair improvement!


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If you are stuck on NYC, then Dr. True and Dr. Dorin at True and Dorin Medical Group would be an excellent choice. Here is a write-up on a procedure that I got to witness last week by both physicians.


Also in New York is Dr. Feller and Dr. Beehner. All are very skilled, reputable, and ethical physicians.


For a complete list of Coalition physicians look here: Coalition of Independant Hair Restoration Physicians





Check out the results of my surgical hair restoration performed by Dr. Jerry Cooley by visiting my Hair Loss Weblog


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