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Similar Forum to This, for Other Work (Cosmetic)

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Does anyone know of any Internet fora that are for cosmetic/plastic surgery (nose, specifically) what this place is for hair transplantation? I'm interested in learning about nasal septoplasty (i.e., for a deviated nasal septum), and might also like some information about rhinoplasty. Ultimately, I'd like to know of some good doctors. Just as the wrong H.T. surgeon can do terrible damage, so, too, can the wrong cosmetic one.


Thank you.

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Contact dr. Lindsey. He is a plastic surgeon as well. If he is not specialized in nose surgery, he may refer you to someone else.


I am not a doctor. The opinions and comments are of my own.


HT with Dr. Cooley on Nov 20, 2008

2097 grafts, 3957 hairs

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My Hair Loss Blog - Hair Transplant with Dr. Cooley

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