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holy crap who is this good looking guy?

awesome transformation my man as if i need to tell you that again.

i compliment/envvy your hair every time i see you. icon_wink.gif

thanks for deciding to share your progress with the rest of the world, much appreciated bro.


it's a pity that i'm the first one to comment on your case, but i understand the skepticism and hesitation on this forum when Armani is mentioned as we all (or at least most of us hard-core research guys) have seen fair share of hits and misses from Armani camp, but i'm so glad that you are one of the "hits" icon_wink.gif hence why i'm still researching these forums and the reason for my delayed decision, but you know that already. one more thing, i suggest you change the thread's title to something like "My 4000 FUE grafts with Armani" or something along those lines. it might get more views therefore more comments.


talk to you later my friend??¦. i'm ready to crash..... hangover already...... icon_smile.gif

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Hi guys.

Thanks to everyone that commented on my pictures. Today I took some new pictures. I buzzed my head with #1 clippers two days ago and today was a sunny day icon_smile.gif. So I took some shots outside as well as inside with flash. The flash and bright sunshine were really harsh on my scalp as you can see. It looks way worse than under a normal lighting conditions or normal circumstances. So I know some of you asked for top of the head shots and I tried to do my best to get them for you.

Leeson - I started minoxidil, proscar and msm 2 weeks after my transplant and yes the crown and everything that was behind the transplanted are grew nicely becaose of the medication. I still use them today.

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Looks good when you keep it short, has the believabilty of near total density, when you grew it out medium the density illusion suffered slightly but the short hair looked tremendous.

Hair loss patient and transplant veteran. Once a Norwood 3A.

Received 2,700 grafts with coalition doctor on 8/13/2010

Received 2,380 grafts with Dr. Steven Gabel on 9/30/2011

Received 1,820 grafts with Dr. Steven Gabel on 7/28/2016

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