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3,343 grafts + plug repair

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This older gentleman had plugs done 30 years previously and employed a combover to hide them. He underwent one FUT session of 3343 grafts (1-1116, 2-1725, 3-470, 4-32) and many of the plugs were cored out. As often happens, some of the hair in the old plugs regrew. When the patient returns, we will add some hair to the crown and temples, as well as remove what remains of the old plugs.


804101655_EE12148FEDEC6F95C045B103EFE8D2E7.JPG.thumb 704101655_C4C46BB433468DA48A8DFF16432FA89D.JPG.thumb 604101655_41158E6FF9BE94D8E391EB75FFA4250A.JPG.thumb 504101655_E31A95AD2966D0ECAE23178E06A50E18.JPG.thumb 404101655_85FFE79E26F8EC9F9B9FCD7B8FC3B5A3.JPG.thumb 304101655_A7FAE644672E051A1FB76ED5A15A78E6.JPG.thumb 204101655_CB90AC49419C3F58B8F95C3E9486C9C1.JPG.thumb 104101655_B2B0F055BEB3B834BC11339FB68C8BA3.JPG.thumb



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as usual Dr. Cooley this is a phenomanel result. This guy must be over the moon with his results. IMO he needs no more work, but anything above and beyond what you've done for him will be just more icing on the cake. Good for him!!!

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