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7 month update after my 2700 grafts by Dr FELLER.

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hi Clive,


i can see why you are not ecstatic with the growth so far but only, as you but it politely, pleased. it's also important to mention that 7 months is still way too early in the game and there is still some growth to be expected and to be seen in the near future. but having said all that I gotta tell you that after looking and comparing your first and last overhead shot picture, i can't help but notice that the big, nice and somewhat thick patch of hair that you had pre-op on your right hand side is now gone. so that begs my question to ask you if you were taking any meds (fin or minox) after your HT up until now. and two if you were taking any meds before the procedure and decided to stop it after.


all in all there is definite improvement looking at before/after pics and face-framing did its justice but still i'd love to know what happened to that healthy patch. i'm also aware that the combover could be creating that illusion so your comments would be appreciated Clive.



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Thanks for posting your 7 month updates.


It looks like GQ is right in that you seem to have lost quite a bit of your original hair. When did that happen? Do you remember. Did you stop any hairloss medication since your procedure? Or maybe you cut your hair short?


Also, it's obvious that your new hairs are still in that "immature" stage. That's why they're so curly and wirey and not combing out yet. Over the next five months those hairs should "normalize" and become straighter. Then they should easily comb into what's left of your middle hair and significantly help cover the entire front.


Here are links to your before/after photos at 7 months side by side.





In the photos below I outlined in red the areas that had alot of hair prior to your procedure, but are now very thin:




Keep us updated Clive, and thanks again for sharing.


Dr. Feller

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Hmmm, it does seem like those two areas have taken some hits in density, and I'm not sure how much the respective hair length is playing (my guess is that it could be quite a lot, combined with the style you were previously using)...would like to hear your thoughts.


That said, my initial reaction was that you look a lot better already, especially from face-on, and as the hairs mature and new ones grow your density should improve for sure. Seems about right for where you should be, which isn't a bad thing! icon_smile.gif


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1 top-down, 1 portrait, 1 side-shot, 1 hairline....4 photos. No flash.

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Hi guys


Thanks for looking, and thank you Dr Feller.


Although as you say its still looking thin up there, i think that in the before pics, i had a lot of length , whereas in the current shots, i am down to a grade 5 buzz.


If you look at the side by sides you can see that the good Dr has filled in the bald areas in my temples, and i now have a significantly improved hairline. So much so in fact that peole have started looking at me and asking why i have more hair??


Being realistic about what can be achieved, is something that i would always advise newbies to this forum, and as such i always knew that my hair loss would never be a one hit cure, so i will be looking at the mid 1/3rd in my next procedure.


Mr GQ, with regards to meds, that is (On a purely personal note) something that i would not consider, so i have never taken any, nor will i. So i will obviously be at the hands of mother nature with regards to future loss.


I am happy with my growth so far, but as it is always mentioned on this site, patience is what is required, and i am reliably informed that 7 months is too early to start thinking "is that it then??"


Only problem for us limeys at the moment is you yanks have chopped the good old pound!!! so i may have to save up a bit longer for the next Fellerisation, unless the good doc starts doing interest free credit!!


All the best



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Hi Spex


Thanks for your post and your recent e mails, helpfull as ever.


Good of the Doc to take time to post the photos for comparison, but as you can see, the hair was a lot longer in June, as i had grown it for 8 months to help cover the scarring on the donor.


I now have reverted to a grade 5 ish buzz which is slightly shorter than i will normally have it, so i will post at month 12, which is probably about fully grown out, and stabalised, for comparison.


I am pleased with the hairline, and as i say keep getting positive remarks from family and friends.


Will get in touch with you at that time for another consult with the Doc.





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