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Howdy James


I have done all my research on Ireland transplant


the only one that is good is Dr Maurice Collins in blackrock clinic


all others are a no no please


only problem with Dr Collins is the price..he was charging 11 euro per graft but think is reduced to 9 euro per graft


I went to Dr Feller in New York and he is one of the best and I went in April ,He did 2000 grafts whick would have cost 18000 euro with Dr Collins but got the same job with Dr Feller for 8500 dollars approx 6000 and 1000 for flight and 7 nights in Waldorf Astoris and 1000 to spent totally 8000 euro compared with 18000 In Ireland


I liked the fact I was away for a week too as it gave me time to chill in the hotel


I am not 4 month post op and am delighted so far and cannot recomment Dr Feller enough


I am in the middle of doing a profile with photos!


keep me updated mate



just make sure you are taking your rogaine and proscar

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Hi James


Im from Ireland and faced the same dilemna, however after a lot of research decided to have my surgery done by Farjo in Manchester, I'm 4 months post op and the hair is starting to shoot up. You should consult widely and this is definitely the forum for it. Apart from Farjo's you should consider Feller / Hasson and Wong / Rahal /Shapiro.


Do not rush in to this take your time all the research will pay you huge dividends.


Go raibh maith agat.

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alright james,

im in the same boat as u, living in dublin and serioulsy concidering a HT, ive had consultations one or two docs here and wasnt impressed at all, one doc was conor kiely, didnt like him myself and after reading things about him on this site and others i defo wont be going with him, m collins in blackrock is ment to be the best in the country but is fairly pricey,


ive been lookin at rahal in ottawa, canada, his work seems to be of high standard and most of his patients seem to be the same n.w scale as me. ive been in contact with an other member of this site who is also from ireland who has just had a HT with rahal, his user name is deepmode, he is about 2 months post op now and is more than happy with rahal,


all in all i think we are better off going away anyway, because the money we will spend here we can go to canada for wa week, get the HT and have better results in the end, besides like hairdoyle, i would rather be away for a few days after to chill,

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Hey Guys thanks for the advice. I will definitely not rush into anything so. The whole idea of getting it done abroad sounds like a good idea alright. You can make a holiday of it too. Let me ask you guys, did you wear your hair short before you had the surgery? I shave my head but just wondering how bad the donor scar would be after surgery? Is it still possible to wear your hair short? Thanks again for all the advice guys! James

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