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Expert Advice Requested - Summary of Key Physicians

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Hello all,


First - I have intermittently been browsing this particular forum for over 12 months and this is my first post. I felt the need to educate myself as much as possible and want to thank everyone on here for sharing their advice, experience, and recommendations.


Second - I would to provide a bit of context:


1. I am 27 years old, blond hair, straight and thin on top, curly and thick on the back and sides.

2. I have been losing my hair, slowly but surely since I was 18 years old.

3. Initially I thought (at 18 years old) that I would be completely bald by the time I was 20. However, I patiently waited year after year to see the progression of my baldness. Sure enough, it has progressed albeit quite a bit slower than my initial fears would have led me to believe.

4. I have never taken any medication for hair loss - primarily due to associated side effects described by my doctor and as observed from others on this forum.

5. There is a history of baldness in my family. Father, maternal grandfather, uncles, etc.


Third - I have seen a lot of great stuff on here. However, somewhat limited to general physician feedback down the road - 12-48 months post hair restoration treatment. The results, the need for touch-ups, follow-on treatments, etc.


So my questions to all of you are 3-part...only to those of you having undergone treatment - that are able to provide some level of post treatment (12-48 months) reflection on the results:


1. If money is of no concern, geographic location is of no concern, and ability to schedule an appointment is flexible. Who would you recommend and why? (Think of the recommendation you would make to your own kin).


2. What makes one physician better than another in your opinion at the highest level?


3. From an outsiders perspective - it seems that the treatment options and success levels have become somewhat static over the last 2-3 years. Who do you believe is at the forefront of the game in terms of innovation yet proven treatment procedures?


Thanks in advance to all of you who answer this post. Truly appreciated.

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