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What happened to Dr. Epstein?

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Hello all!


First time poster; long time occasional reader of this wonderful forum.


I've been long debating a hair transplant procedure, and have gotten wonderful info off this site.


I would like to know what happened to Dr. Epstein? Why is he not a recommended Dr. anymore, nor a "coalition" member? If I were to ever go through with a procedure, my decision has always been either him or Hasson & Wong. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. I read in one post about a controversy regarding Dr. Epstein, but could not find the thread to elaborate.


Thank you in advance. As I have gained so much from this forum, if I ever do an HT, I plan on sharing my experience, so that maybe I can contribute to this site's worth.

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Not sure what exactly happened to Epstein, but he became pretty "inconsistent" in his results; there was a wave of extremely troubling, extremely clear-cut complaints. That notwithstanding, I found his reaction to these patients -- some of whom I would say to have been truly *butchered* -- to be both arrogant and sorely lacking in ethical compassion. It was surprising and very disheartening to see this once-esteemed physician have such a reaction as if he is beyond reproach when peoples' lives had been ruined at his hands -- even *if* he wasn't truly and totally culpable (and that's a huge "if"), his reaction to these patients was totally unacceptable, IMHO.


Go to Wong > Epstein. I practically beg of thee. icon_smile.gif And I would have said this prior to his banishment from the Coalition. If those are the three you have it narrowed down to I can unequivically endorse either doctors Hasson or Wong; Epstein can't hold a candle to them in pretty much every single facet of the HT.


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This has been asked on the forum and address on another thread. For more information, click here.


To minimize unnecessary controversy, we don't feel it's appropriate to discuss the specifics of why doctors are removed and/or leave our community unless absolutely necessary. Like we tell all prospective patients researching physicians, you are welcome to use the 'find' feature of this community to see what his patients and other members of this community are saying.


Since this topic has already been discussed and resolved, I am going to close this topic.


Best wishes,



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