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560 FUE before and after photos 12 months post-op.

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FUE patient letter


This is a recent letter received from this patient with regards to his transplant 1 year ago.

"I am very happy with what Dr. Jones performed. It took me over a year of research before I decided to go with him and it was the correct decision. There are maybe 3 or 4 other HT doctors of the same caliber, but I'm not sure if they would give as much personal attention to the advice/surgery/post-procedure care as Dr. Jones. I only had 560 FU's transplanted, yet they made a difference for me. Also, they grew in a perfectly natural way. I plan on going to Dr. Jones again for a mega-session sometime next year once I've saved up enough for the operation.


I do not envisage myself considering any other HT surgeon for subsequent transplants.


Kind regards,









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