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Dr. Arocha, 3000 grafts, 10 months post-TP

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Great Work Dr. Arocha.


His frontal scalp you worked on looks really good. I'm sure he's a happy camper.


I have a question though, the photos you've shown, The Donor Scar is visible.


It would be great if you could elaborate on this a bit. My guess is the following


- Buzz Cut #2 within that area so the scar is visible

- His donor scar is still healing, is it possible that if you give him a few more months it will be undetectable?

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Thanks for taking the time to view and for your kind comments azn_guy_001, Mick from Farjo, Severn. Sorry about the tardy response, we were out of town.



It is correct that scars do take 6-12 months to mature; during this time it is more likely to stretch if tension vectors are applied to the margins. Hence, it is prudent to avoid lifting exercises that causes pulling in the neck area. Patients with looser tissue are also prone to stretch more. Spot on, the hair stylist was overly aggressive with the clippers, a fade from 0- 3 is fine, but leaving it a little longer (2 or 3 guard) over the scar will minimize scar visibility. If the scar is still visible after the healing is complete, options are to do a revision of the scar, or FUE transplant into it. For additional information: http://www.arochahairrestoration.com/en/art/104/

This patient is so thrilled by his rejuvenated look that he is not concerned about the scar.


B. Arocha, M.D., ABHRS

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Thank you hairthere,


It is all about the positive changes and happiness that is created. There is too much bad things happening in the world. It is just a small increment in the positive karma, but we are all trying to turn the tides and increase the World's Karma bank one patient at a time.

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Posted March 01, 2010 06:00 PM Hide Post

Is that a Buzz Clipper #2 or a Buzz Clipper #1?


Sorry, I can't tell


Just for future reference




This patient actually has a fade with a zero to 1 guard over the donor area. The scar is only minimally visible but it would not be if the stylist used a 2 guard!

I am employed by Dr. Arocha as his lead tech at Arocha Hair Restoration.


Dr. Arocha is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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