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Hey! New Pics! (FINALLY)

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Harry, you look excellent! I am seriously considering Dr. Shapiro. We have similar hairloss patterns. I'm 44 years old. I probably have some more hair than you did. How many grafts did you have? Why the need for two surgeries? Thanks!

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Well thanks, dandare75!


I had 2,350-odd grafts the first round, and pretty much bang-on 2,000 for the second.


Why the need for two surgeries?


Why the need for ONE surgery!? icon_smile.gif


In an elective-surgical arena, it's really all about what makes YOU feel satisfied/happy to begin with, wouldn't you say?


I, like maybe most men who find themselves going bald, could have either gotten used to - or even embraced - what was happening. But I didn't - I fricking HATED it, and no matter which of the dwindling styling choices I made, it just wasn't going to work for ME. Not when the options that presented themselves as available alternatives today, thank GOD - presented themselves!


If your question refers to why I had two surgeries instead of one mega-MEGA-surgery, the answer is simple. Have you seen the size of my head in the old pictures I've posted?


My scalp elasticity, while average, says nothing for the sheer acreage of recipient area I needed to have filled, even for a slightly recessed hairline. If 4,350 grafts was what was needed on a head my size to get the look I have now, I'd've needed Droopy the Dog on the back of my head to cover it without getting scar stretch!


As it is, my scar is - literally - almost imperceptably thin. My wife can't even find most of it anymore, and REALLY has to dig around just to find a sliver of it. My friend from the UK says the same thing, as does my mother. It's THANKS to my having two surgeries, instead of one, that this is still the case.


I needed almost a full year inbetween sessions for my scalp to re-adjust to the first procedure, and give me the best chance of avoiding any stretch from the second one. This is common for MOST patients.


If this is, indeed, the meaning of your question, I'm sad to see this basic point has apparently not made itself evidently clear as a basic reality in this community by now. There will always be 'pissing contests' between doc's to show how many grafts can be done in one session, etc. The fact of the matter is that such numbers say nothing for the individual circumstances involved which are the only things that can ALLOW for such massive extractions to begin with (assuming the doc is on the side of the patient in giving them the best chance towards avoiding scar stretch from the outset).


You have GOT to have a very loose scalp to accomodate such numbers in one sitting!


Hope this helps,


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Thanks Harry. The pics of you I saw showed a receeding hairline with thinning behind it. It didn't appear to be very extensive hairloss. That's why I was surprised you had two surgeries. However, your results are impressive and since I am considering Dr. Shapiro your results give me confidence I am headed in the right direction. Thanks.

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