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Dermmatch and Nanogen need help!


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Hello guys,

I have been balding for about five years know and mostly on the crown area due to DHT. I work in an office setting so hats are off the table and the worst thing is that when people talk to me the first thing they look at is my head. It also makes me look much older then I' am! I feel depressed and my self confidence is at ground level! So when I'm not at work I wear a baseball hat. A week ago I tried Nanogen and for the first time I felt good to go out side; Scared at first! so I asked my sister who's the kind of person that will tell you if things don't look natural! Of course I never mentioned to her the nanogen concealer. I just told her that I colored my hair, she was very impressed so I took it as a good sign. The only problem that I have with nanogen is that I have to apply it every days and sometimes when I style my hair it doesn't always look natural, so I've been meaning to try Dermmatch. Can someone tell me if it really works? I don't want to go on a date and have some girl touch my hair and have her fingers stained with dermmatch! although nanogen is no better as it tends to shift or clump if touched. I have gotten some good results with nanogen but would like to give dermmacth a try. Can any one who's used it give me some advice? I have brown/black hair??¦ which color should I pick? the dark brown that Dermmatch has listed on their web sit looks more like a grayish color. Please help!!


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Hey Javi,


New to this myself but have been reading quite a lot of posts regarding concealers etc.


General concensus seems to be that the best combination is Nanogen and Dermmatch together as it gives better coverage. From what I have read Dermmatch doesn't look that goog up close on it's own and Nanogen is best used with a good, low pressure hair spray (maybe a pump spray) their own hasn't got the best reviews.


Your probably best off contacting a supplier of Dermmatch regarding the colour.


Are you taking anything to stop further hair loss? I'd focus on that first and foremost.



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HI Andy,

Thanks for replying to my post! I will try out the dermmatch along with nanogen to see if I get better results and will post any pros and cons about the product. I also use Vive pro for men and the thickening foam by L'Oreal, it helps give my hair thickens and volume at a reasonable price. As to your question if I'm treating my hair loss ..Yes, I' am but naturally. I take 2,700mg of saw palmetto, Biotin 5mg, silica and multi vitamins/minerals and vitamin B complex. But with just the saw palmetto I've notice very good results and I've seen new hair re-growth! I just don't like the initial fall out stage but its worth it down the road. Although Its not a cure all but it has stop my hair from thinning and like I mentioned above I've seen re-growth. My fears about surgery are too much, I've seen many men with bad transplants and it doesn't look natural at all! So for now I'm just going all natural with supplements and one or two concealers. So what is your status and how are you dealing with your personal situation?


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Hi Javi,


I'm pretty lucky I guess, I started on 2% Minox as a preventative measure quite young before any real hair loss began (dad has only a bit of hair loss but grandad was completely bald). Can only really see a small area on my crown that has signs of thinning so I use Nanofibres to cover this.


Minox has halted any further hair loss so far but wanted to keep myself in the loop should my situation change and I need to try anything else.


Only drawback I have is the very occassional scalp irritaion due to the alcohol.


I don't think I'm hung up enough to end up getting a HT, if it get's that bad I'll just shave it all off!

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