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Getting HT overseas

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I have read some of the glowing reviews of Dr. Pathomvanich and would definitely consider going to Thailand to get my HT done. However, not being able to afford indefinite time off work, is one or two weeks enough for everything that is involved? I really don't know all the steps of HT surgery, any pre- or post- treatment, removal of stitches etc, so it would be nice to have some idea of it all.


If 2 weeks is not enough, I will probably have to get it done in Los Angeles, so if anyone can suggest local surgeons I'd be most appreciative.

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I just came back from Surgery with Dr. Path

You will only need to spend a week. And on the 7th day he will remove the stitches, leaving the absorbable ones in.


Read his website, it will inform you some more regarding this.

In my opinion, after the research had been done regarding the doctor, it was a very casual experience to fly to Asia from NYC and have it done.

Kind Regards

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