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Crown recession


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I notice I see very few hts that have been done in a NW6/7 that has crown recession.


What I mean by crown recession is the length of the hairloss down the back of the head.


Is there any pics of any clinics that have done any hts to correct this?


I know the crown in general is considered a black hole.

I have seen NW6/7 work of hasson&wong but not the deep recession of the crown.


If I am wrong please post pics, thank you.

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One of the reasons you do not see alot of HT's on the deep crown area is that work done in the frontal crown area often provides coverage for the back crown area. Doing grafting in the very back of a crown recession really commits the patient to more transplants if the patient has additional hair loss with aging. I prefer to graft the crown with a reverse arc so that if patient does lose more hair the crown will still have a normal round or oval shape versus a moon shaped spot that could occur if the entire crown area is grafted.

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