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Scam pharmacy websites (how to spot them)

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Hi all,


Going against the recommended warnings from many on this site (eg Bill)

I tried to reduce the cost of my hairloss regime so i posted on this site to find a website that suited. I was recommended 4rx so i ordered from them. Delivery was ok however 3months later i noticed an increase in hairloss and a loss of small sides(meaning tolerable sides) that came from the over the counter finas(Which worked). I asked 2guys who also ordered from this site and they also felt the same abour the drugs. Also they DO SPAM. imagine opening up your email box with an email saying "your erection will be huge with using drug X"


Im warning people (even though $$$) that the best solution is to buy over the counter(as they say in Ireland "to be sure, to be sure" cause you no that works)


However if you REALLY want to beat the price here are some signs that you should look out for on online pharmacies:


1) When going to the order page it should read in the address bar in the top left hand corner https (s=secure) your ebanking accounts will have that indicating a secure webpage. Scam websites dont bother as it will only be http.


2) Also in Ireland customs regulations prohibit the sending of prescription drugs which is the same for many countries. Therefore when entering your credit card details. When it asks you to select the country you live in it should NOT show all the countries in the world but round a handful. Scam websites deliver everywhere for obvious reasons while the good websites should not supposedly.


Hope this helps others.


No real damage was done though for me and my hair im back to buying over the counter.




Current Regime:

Minox liquid 5% twice a day

Proscar 1/4 tab a day

Nizoral every 2nd day

MSM 1000mg a day

Silica 200mg a day


AHS 6 months laser treatment- POOR results

Crescina - no results


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If you go to http://www.unitedpharmacies.com/


you will see that the page to enter your credit card information is "https" and they only ship to a few countries United States and United Kingdom included.


P.S. I am not an agent for that enterprise.

take care...



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That's not a hard and fast rule, many sites don't use a https: even if they are valid, they should have some security certicicate so either https, a padlock on the address bar or the address bar turning green.


Personally I'd rather not buy from most online pharmacies because they charge carriage or build it into their prices. Buying hair loss stuff from a pharmacy is a little embarrassing first time out, but it's not the end of the world

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I have been buying from:


Very happy with the products, what I also like is that they give you full disclosure of the drugs origin, name of the laboratory, country of manufacture, they clearly indicate brand name or generic, etc... No BS there. Their prices are competitive, note that I have not bought Finasteride from them because I cannot find a better deal than what I get from my local Costco pharmacy, about $22.00 with my insurance discount for 30 generic Proscar.

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I bought some other drugs from 4rx and also noticed that I get at least 5-7 spam emails from them. I also didn't notice any difference after taking their pills which might have been sugar pills. But they're so cheap I couldn't resist. Guess I'll give canadadrugs a try...


Is there anywhere where we can send a drug sample, pay some money, and have them verify if it is real? (I was thinking about chewing up their pills and then chewing up the same kind of pill bought from Walgreens to see if it tastes the same)

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