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It's been 10 years since the last one and am going for it with Eugenix


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I'm here to share my experience, hoping it provides useful information to some. I won't focus on how wonderful everyone is at Eugenix or how well organized everything was, as many have already shared such information. While these aspects are valued and appreciated, at the end of the day, we truly care about the results. I plan on sharing the pre-planning, planning, procedure, and results. If anyone has questions related to traveling from Canada or other non-surgical questions, please feel free to message me; I'm more than happy to help.
A little about me: I live in Toronto, Canada, and had two FUT surgeries. I would have classified myself as a Norwood VI. My first FUT was at the age of 35 (11 years ago), and my second FUT at 36 (10 years ago); I'm now 46. I don't think I've lost too much hair in the last 10 years, or if I have, it's been a slow process.
My first FUT was, in my opinion, not the best choice and result because I rushed into the procedure without educating myself or spending time on forums like this one. I was told it was 3200 grafts, but they did not provide a graft breakdown, and I did end up with doubles in my hairline, but my scar was okay. I was not on Finasteride at the time as I started it before my second HT. The clinic was called Sure Hair International, and the doctor was Dr. Nelson Ferrara.
My second FUT procedure was with Dr. Rahal in Ottawa, Canada, and I received approximately 3500 grafts. This was a major improvement in my opinion. The growth was good, and I could style it to give the appearance of a full head of hair with concealers. This changed my life for the better. My scar is good, except for a few areas where it is wider, but it can still be hidden with a fairly short cut and the right barber.
I've come a long way from where I started and am happy, but I would love to make additional improvements and rely less on cosmetics such as Dermmatch and Toppik, so I'm going for it. I am done with FUT, and for my FUE procedure next week, I am going with Dr. Priyadarshini Das from Eugenix.
My goals or wish list is to add density to the mid-scalp, address the crown, temple points, and if possible, add grafts into my FUT scar. The scar is a TBD as Dr. Das believes I may have hypertrophic scarring, so she wants to examine the scar before committing to doing anything, which makes sense to me.
I've attached pictures of my pre-HT, after HT 1, after HT 2/now, and my scar.
I'm excited, yet nervous, and a bit scared. It's a long way from home to a place where you know no one and nothing, but I'm doing it.

Beofer HT.jpg

After HT 1.jpg

After HT 1(2).jpg

After Ht 2 and Haircut.png

After HT 2(2).png

After HT2 Back.jpg

After HT 2 Left.jpg

After HT 2 Right.jpg

After HT2 Front.jpg



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I think you’re in a good position. While you may not have the density you want now, your hair does look quite natural imo and probably better than your average 46 year old who isn’t on fin/hasn’t had a HT if I had to guess. Rahal did a good job a decade ago. With some quality crown/midscalp work I think you’ll be set 👍

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Thank you for choosing Eugenix Hair Sciences. We're happy that you have taken your time to do the research and thankful at the same time for showing your trust in us. Looking forward to seeing you, please feel free to send us a personalized message in case of any further questions.


Warmest Regards,
Eugenix Hair Sciences

Email: info@eugenix.in
Telephone: +91 8826471111
WhatsApp: +91 8826471111

Website: https://eugenixhairsciences.com
Book an Appointment: https://eugenixhairsciences.com/book-an-appointment/

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