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From the initial consultation i was impressed with Dr. Meshkin. I "interviewed" 4 surgeons in the socal area from la to sd and I am so happy i chose Dr. Meshkin. The reason I chose Dr. Meshkin was not bc he is persian or that i personally know a few clients of his....but rather his experience in HT is so blatantly obvious and his genuine desire to help his patients accomplish something he truly understands.


It is now a week and a day after the surgery and everything is going great. Looking forward to taking the sutures out and looking more forward for the amazing results that i know will come soon.


Also, Dr. Meshkin's staff are so sweet, kind, helpful, professional and KNOWLEDGABLE. If i need some additional graphs 10 plus years from now and Dr. Meshkin for some reason retires.....I will pay a handsome sum to the good Dr. Meshkin to come out of retirement for an additional surgery.


THANK YOU DR MESHKIN and staff. You were good to me icon_smile.gif

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