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Sleeping position

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My surgery is coming up in a week and thing I am most worried about is sleeping. I have a high pain tolerance and I believe I should have no problem getting through the surgery, post op pain as well. 

But I usually have a hard time sleeping at places that aren’t my home and I have read that you have to use a neck pillow and sleep in upright position. I feel like I am going to have a horrible few days with no sleep! Few questions

1. How many days you have to sleep with a neck pillow before you can resume sleeping normally?

2. Any tips or advice how I could get a good sleep? For those who did one or two or even 3 HTs, how did you manage to get through it. 

Oh, also how do you spend time and not get bored out of your mind?. Netflix gets boring after a while. Can you carry a laptop on plane?




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You're not wrong. It can be a bit difficult to sleep for sure. I am just now at the one week mark. Oddly enough, the best night of sleep I have gotten since surgery was the first night. On night 4 I became one of the lucky ones with nerve pain, and it has been brutal. Just try to stay at that 45 degrees to keep the pressure down as that definitely helps. 

As for the boredom, I've spent a lot of my time reading threads here 😂. I am definitely going a bit nuts not getting to hit the gym after work. You also wont be super bored the first week because you will be worried about taking care of your head. Just take everything one day at a time or it can be overwhelming. 

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It is possible that you may have a hard time sleeping for a few nights especially if you have one particular position you normally sleep in and this is hindering you from it. But the truth is, her transplant surgery is a lifetime investment and it’s worth a couple days of trying to sleep in an awkward position in order to protect your lifetime investment. 

Yes, the best way to sleep for a couple days is for the neck pillow, on your back and elevated. However, I always had a tendency to sleep on my stomach or my side so I would still use a neck pillow but I would position it in such away where I could sleep on my side with my head not touching the pillow. Sleeping on your side elevated isn’t too difficult but sleeping on your stomach elevated is going to arch your back and could be painful. So I don’t recommend it.

best wishes,

Rahal Hair Transolant

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Well I am happy to say I have no problem sleeping, in fact I have been sleeping like a baby both in the hotel and on the doctor’s table 😂

The real worry now really is not damaging those grafts and getting through the day. I have not found a solution to the boredom problem yet but I sleep most of the time anyway 

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