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A wonderful experience With Dr. Soni

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Guys, My personal experience with Medispa was very good.

My life has improved and my confidence has returned thanks to Medispa Hair Transplant Clinic. I must admit that I am not a big fan of operations. In fact, just the thought of operations makes me nervous. I originally attempted a cap to cover up my hair loss, but I became tired of the same look, and in the summer, sweating is a major issue. So I purchased artificial hair. Although it wasn't spectacular, I managed until others began to comment. It could be discovered that I am covering up my baldness.

My professional career was sinking as I was not confident anymore. I was keen on finding a permanent and natural looking solution for my hair loss as I am in a client facing profile where aesthetic matters a lot. Despite reading about hair transplants, I was looking at alternatives. I came across Dr. Suneet Soni while seeking the appropriate care. I'd never heard an explanation before that was that simple, and it completely changed how I felt about cosmetic surgery.

I've already observed Dr. Suneet Soni do several amazing and seductive operations. I didn't realise hair transplantation might result in such good things. Since I deal with clients, having a hair transplant has really benefited my career.

I don't often get much alone time because of how hectic my job is. I knew that handling a hair transplant operation would be difficult in the midst of everything. However, while the procedure was being described to me, I got the sense it wouldn't be too challenging.

During our conversation, I picked up a lot of helpful knowledge concerning hair transplants. I've done a lot of study and have changed my mind about hair transplants. I felt more certain that a natural hairline and high density hair transplant were possible after viewing the previous results.

Dr. Suneet Soni's explanation of how a hair transplant may provide me long-lasting benefits tremendously pleased me. Overall, I had confidence in the procedure and specifically in Medispa for hair transplant. Despite their well-known reputation, the Medispa clinic surprised me by keeping the cost of the procedure quite affordable. I had been concerned about the cost. In the end, I chose the medispa clinic and the skillful hands of Dr. Suneet Soni for my hair transplant.

Glad to say that I received approx. 3600 grafts in a single session.

On the day of the procedure, Dr. Soni drew a crude hairline on the surgical site before beginning the procedure. The fact that he understood the style of hairline I needed amazed me. He sketched precisely what I had in mind, as if he could read my mind. The local anaesthetic that was applied after the hairline was finished stung like a few pinches or felt like ants were crawling across my skin.

Throughout the entire five to six-hour process, I was at ease. There were a few tea breaks in between where I could select my lunch, a snack, and a cup of tea.

The Medispa clinic's hair transplant surgery was excellent. To me, that would be a perfect score of 10. Because they were polite and helpful, the staff gave off the impression that they had a lot of experience. Thanks to Dr. Suneet Soni's incredible hands, my procedure was really easy and comfortable. I owe Dr. Suneet Soni and his excellent crew a debt of gratitude for making my hair transplant such a success.

After one year of hair transplant. I am surprised to see such quick development, which goes above and above my expectations. The hairline looks natural, and the hair growth is thick. Consequently, following such a positive experience, I will without a doubt recommend Dr. Suneet Soni to individuals who are suffering from hair loss and are searching for the best hair transplant surgeon.

You won't be overwhelmed by the hair transplant procedure if you make a wise decision.


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Before top.jpg







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Thanks, We are really grateful that you have shared your positive feedback.

I am patient advisor for The Medispa Hair Transplant Clinic  Dr. Suneet Soni. I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. 

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