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3D Printed Hair


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Anyone hear about 3D hair printing?  I ran across this study (click link "study").  It sounds like a different take on hair cloning.  I would be interested in hearing from informed sources on whether this is really viable.

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3D printing a hair is useless, what is being research is how to generate a derma papila cell from 0 and grow a human follicle in a real scalp (only was done in vitro so far). Most advanced research in this topic is Stemson and tsuji so far but it seems many years away down the line still.

Until they don't find out how to do it, 3D printing wont help in any way or form. 3D printing can help in the manufacturing process and mass production and bring prices down, its more the tool for production than the solution.

I consider a 3D printed follicle to be a hair clone still. Follicles are organs and the DP cells must be cloned from yourself or your body will reject them.

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