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SMP for thinning (long) hair

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I got an email from Dr Epstein's clinic in Florida saying they are offering SMP for those who want to get better coverage. 

I was surprised. But the pictures look good. And then I looked up on google and it seems to be a thing. People getting SMP for coverage while keeping hair long. 

Any experiences/knowledge on the matter here? 

For example



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Hi, did this myself as an alternative to getting a second hair transplant for density.
Here are my results (before and after);


I'd say go for it if you go to a good artist. :)
It just adds a nice textured look under the hair that hides your scalp.

Just note that you need to do multiple sessions and the first few days it can look like someone used an ink pen on your head lol.
It fades into a natural shape/color after a couple of weeks.

Be careful though, a lot of clinics show pictures RIGHT AFTER the SMP treatment.  This is a disingenuous outcome as the pigment is much darker the first week.

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