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Removing transplanted hairs, my conclusion

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I've heard lots of conflicting opinions on removing transplanted hairs. I'm not a doctor, so take all of this with a grain of salt. Just my take 


  • High chance for scarring, the whole procedure just seems to be too invasive. I have seen 3 cases so far (small sample size I know) where it led to scarring, discoloration, redness or sensitivity. Even if it completely heals, it takes years.
  • Multiple sessions are needed because the hairs need to be in the anagen phase & doing it too close to eachother leads to scarring


  • A lot of sessions are needed (lets say 8, with 6 week intervals = almost a year) and even then it removes MAX 80-90% - A solution could be to combine it with FUE removal to get out the remaining and minimize scarring. 
  • 8 Sessions could lead to skin sensitivity
  • Works very good on people with dark hair and white skin

FUE removal

  • About 80% of the surgeons will tell that it leads to scarring and the remaining 20% wont/cant give a definitive answer since it depends on the skin of the patient & the previous procedure they had. Doctors are conservative on what they can achieve when it comes to procedures like this, cuz the last thing they want is an unsatisfied patient..
  • 4 Anecdotal and 4 visual cases with little scarring. Some even claim no scarring at all, but what they probably mean is that its not noticeable. With a tan it would probably show. One patient who had 500 grafts removed: ''The 'mini-scars' where hairs were extracted from in front of my hairline are not visible at all, even up close in bright light you would struggle to identify where they are'' | Another case where +1000 grafts were extracted I could see the scarring, so the more grafts = more scarring is my conclusion 
  • I've read a horror story of someone who had ''pitting'' which made it look like a golfball and saw 2 cases with obvious (white) scarring. Gotta say that 1 of these patients had scalp problems and the other one ''scarred easily'' (his own words) & claims the discoloration was from the first procedure so not from the removal itself.
  • Depending on the density it needs to be done over multiple sessions, because when the extractions are too close to eachother it can lead to excessive scarring. Lets say worst case scenario 4 sessions with 4 month intervals = 16 months
  • An idea is to do a test patch and see how it heals, the last thing you want is to create scarring in the recipient to fix the scars in the donor, cuz that is just stupid.
  • Verteporfin. Its experimental, but I was offered this by @DrTBarghouthi and if it really works, there wont be any scarring from what I've read (not his words)
  • Comment of @BHRClinic on FUE removalhttps%3A%2F%2Fs3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com%2Fsecure.notion-static.com%2F967f1664-6d96-4654-afd4-600cb4105f61%2FUntitled.png?table=block&id=9414acbb-f27a-4d28-b489-89c5edc21fd5&spaceId=4ff08084-59ca-4284-8917-e9d3a6835639&width=2000&userId=ba64497b-4def-4300-aabd-239672fdbe0b&cache=v2



- Regardless of which route you choose, microneedling seems to work really well to treat scarring/texture


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21 hours ago, GoliGoliGoli said:

Just curious, why not shave it? Is it because how the pattern looks when shaved bald? Or do you want to grow it out a bit and the transplanted hair makes it unnatural? 

transplanted hair stick out differently when shaving

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