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1652 grafts FUE/PRP african curly hair: Dr. Arocha

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Until now I was a lurker around here and it was really informative if nothing else. I'm in my late 20s and have never had a perfect hairline. In my peak at 19, i had two cowlicks one on the rightside and one on the leftside of my front hairline corners. With a widows peak to top it off. In retrospect i probably started losing hair around 22 but i didn't realize till i was 24 when a patch went "missing." This is cause i kept it medium on top and faded on the sides.

That's when I started hair saving steps etc & also looking up doctors Diep, Wesley, Ziering, Arocha but waited years till I finally took the dive in 2022. I decided on Arocha. His representative Al deserves alot of credit as well. I met with arocha and my problem was an eroded hairline and diffuse thinning right in the front. We went over a suitable hairline and methods to maintain minitutizing hair around the front. I didnt realize we needed to slightly rebuild my left temp peak, it had got that bad.

New hair day

I got the procedure done on a Wednesday. I get nervous for just about anything so it was no surprise here to me, but arocha and all his staff was great and patient. The pre meds helped too. Arocha and assistant did all the graft removal, then Arocha did the incisions for the recipient area and also the PRP injections. The technicians did the graft placements. Took about 10 hours and I was pretty satisfied with their work and was actually starved more than tired.

Post Op

Arocha called to check in afterward the next day and I went in for a cleaning on day 2. According to everyone my donor area was healing extremely quickly. Which was good cause day 1 it looked.... ravaged.

During the first week my head felt like a cinder block. I couldn't do much of anything without being nauseous. The outside of my head might've been healing, inside was something else. But, no pain no gain. Interesting note is there was very little swelling, only I noticed certain small points around my forehead day 2 and 3.

Pictures include before hair loss, peak erosion, and post op.






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Glad to see another afro case on the forum. Dr. Arocha has always impressed me, definitely will be following your progress closely. 

Check out my final hair transplant journey

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meant to post awhile back this is day 10. still had a lot of scabs. they didnt want to budge and I was scared to pick them. i had started washing my hair regularly in the shower on day 8.


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this is day 20. during this last week the donor area goes through spells where it itches bad and still has sore spots. one spot bled just a little from my "light" scratching unfortunately. man i learned from that.

other than that my thin native hair is starting to grow around the recipient area so it can be hard to spot new hair underneath the curls. but its growing little by little which is nice since nothing was there for years. taking it day by day.

one picture in natural daylight. the other with flash on.



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If - as I suspect based on the pictures - all the grafts are placed in the thinning region and the final outcome will not be a lowering of the hairline so much as a vast improvement in the existing one, I think this will be good.  I will say this is one of those things where your hair texture makes it quite different to judge than non-black transplants.  Hope it turns out well.

I found the position of my head for the placement of the grafts to be very uncomfortable - to the point where I had to take a couple of 5-10 minute breaks during my transplant.  And my entire procedure was only 6 hours total for 2600+ grafts.  I can only imagine how exhausting that 10 hours must've been notwithstanding you probably didn't have neck discomfort.

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