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FUT Scar Camouflage | Enhanced Scalp Micropigmentation Toronto

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This was a challenge as the client had very minimal hair to blend with.  You must be very careful with scars, especially this one  that you don't end up with a DARK linear scar instead of a white one.

Patience and lots of blending required.

scar camo.JPG

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4 minutes ago, mmokin said:

how many sessions to get that result and also what was the cost?

does smp last longer on scar tissue compared to normal skin?



3 sessions for this particular scar.  Every scar is different, and every approach is different.   Cost varies from scar to scar, and how much work is involved.

Longevity of SMP is unpredictable, and it varies on each individual, including how it is maintained.  

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3 hours ago, follically challenged said:

How long is that likely to last before it starts to fade? How long before he needs a touch up?

Awesome result. Like he said in the previous post it varies depending on each person. And getting touchups are more about 'want' than 'need.' How much fading is acceptable comes down to personal preference.

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