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Redensyl ... Any Product name ?


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Hi guys 

Hope this is the correct section as Redensyl might fall under the Herbal medications

I am not a fun of Fin due to its potential devastating side effects tried Minoxidil but I had some strange side effects so I was thinking to try Redensyl however I cannot find any product online. 

The percentage in the product should be 3% for it to be effective however the only one I have found is Man Matters Tonic a bit difficult to get hold. 

If anyone can help would be appreciated, I am in UK by the way and thinking of getting a HT at some point this year or the next one and posting my review. 

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You can get serioxyl here in the UK which contains stemoxydine, which is the active ingredient. It’s a hair denser and not medication. I used it after my ht from month 6-12 alongside fin and supplements, my hair definitely thickened up although I can’t say for sure how good it is.... but certainly can’t do any harm

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