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Mid -20's, Canadian based. Looking for a FUE hair transplant anywhere, but NA preferably. Budget around $10k

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HI all, I made a post here earlier (below) and everyone said I should post photos so here they are! I say my budget of $10 000 not because I want to cheap out, but just because I want to know if I can find a good option. If not, then I'm open to just waiting until I have more saved up. I'm currently looking at all my options. I want mostly hairline work, and some crown, although if needed I'm open to having the crown done in the future. I take finestride and apply minox once a day before bed, although I took a 6 month break for personal reasons (started getting back on it last month)







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My advice is to look at surgeons based on results first, and then cost. Never want to choose a doctor, simply because you can afford them. Use our recommendations as a starting point for research. 

Submit as many virtual consultations as possIble:


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I'm no expert but it appears you're likely in the 3,000-3,500 range for grafts, especially depending on if you deal with crown. I know cost should never be a deciding factor but the truth is that some people just don't have 25k to pay for this. I see nothing wrong with narrowing down quickly to Dr's in or close to your price range. I personally think you're just a little shy of the cost for some of the really good European options when you factor in travel cost as well. But most of them are booked a year solid so that gives you time to save more. Take your time and choose wisely.

Good luck with your search, let us know how it goes. 

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