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When quitting Minoxidil/Finasterid


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Hey guys, hope y'all doing good. Actually I plan to transplant a few hears on crown and midscalp in a few months.

Currently I'm on Minoxidil and Finasteride and two or three times a week I do microneedling.

To get the best possible result, I am asking myself, if its necessary to stop with Minoxidil before surgery consultion, that the doctor can see the real situation, and plan correctly on this base.

Do you have some advise for me, or a time shedule to handle this thing clearly with a good plan? Or maybe this topic is already discussed, but I didn't found so far.

Would be great, thanks guys!

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It is likely the doctor will ask you to stop the use of Rogaine for about 1 week prior to the procedure as it will help keep bleeding down.  Long term, however, it is best to continue the medical regimen to avoid losing the hair you would have lot had it not been for the medication.  Is that the only thing you're doing? For how long have you been on it? It would be a good idea to use other modalities as there seems to be synergy when used concurrently. 

Patient Consultant for Dr. Arocha at Arocha Hair Restoration. 

I am not a medical professional and my comments should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. 

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I don’t know how long you’ve been  using minoxidil but keep in mind that if you’ve had any benefit from it, stopping it’s use will produce a loss of all hair you’ve either retained or regrown from it.  That said, if you stop using minoxidil a month before surgery and restart a month after surgery which many physicians suggest, the loss will typically be minimal and temporary.

Best wishes,

Rahal Hair Transplant

Edited by Rahal Hair Transplant

Rahal Hair Transplant Institute - Answers to questions, posts or any comments from this account should not be taken or construed as medical advice.    All comments are the personal opinions of the poster.  

Dr. Rahal is a member of the Coalition of Independent of Hair Restoration Physicians.

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