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HT with Dr Mwamba -Feb 2022

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Hi all,

First time posting here, but have been following many of you with your HT journeys and thought I would contribute my part.

I’ll start by saying I already had a relatively small hair transplant previously with dr feriduni about 7 years ago (650ish grafts) which was a complete success. He was meticulous to detail and I found him to stick to my goals completely.  However I was conservative with my hairline design as I wanted to monitor the progression without meds.

Present day: overall hair holding up well but still see minor hair loss in shower nothing too agressive, so I hopped on a .25mg daily of fin and 1mg oral min recently. So far so good.

I am due to get a HT with Dr Mwamba in early February, i know his reputation is very good for hairline design work and have seen a couple very good example on this platform. I have been quoted 800+/- grafts to achieve the desired outcome.

I will keep this space updated to document the progress.







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Very excited for you, hope to see your review soon 🙌🏼

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My Hair Transplant Journey


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@Mike10 here is 7 years post feriduni (present day)

and also the desired goal, obviously im aiming for finer hairs placed than the ones I have drawn…..there is only so much you can do on an iPhone







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Wrong photo
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I’m going for the partial shave, only shaved on the back. I think I’ve picked a good dr I’ve seen some HTs from him with a small number of grafts and was impressed with some of the examples.

will report back in due time.

also if anyone wants wondering here is my donor present day (after 1st HT)



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Cheers man. Yeah I was particularly Please with the outcome with dr feriduni, I know it’s unnoticeable in this picture, but when I got a skin fade once the barber did ask if I had a HT. So I guess at a certain point it would show.

Regarding the need for another one, I’m only looking for a touch up to improve on the hairline/temple points. 

Good luck with your HT with dr mwamba, will you be documenting yours buddy? 

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3 hours ago, Etownone said:

I think I will show before and after pics this time.   

Dr Mwamba gives a discount if you let him use your before and after pics on his website.    I took the discount.   

Could you tell me the fue price of Dr mwamba before and after discount

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33 minutes ago, Purplecobras said:

I think I’m obliged to share my before and after also. However I will request that they keep the face out of photos for obvious privacy reasons. 

@Etownone, are you going brussles for this? Or what date is yours?


He hides the face in just about all his pics.  But I made it extra clear to him to hide my face.   I like to remain anonymous.   

I'll be doing mine in NJ.   Jan 31, Feb 1.   

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I was looking to go to Dr M 1st week of Feb in NJ

Had a great consult with Dr M. I felt at ease and really trust him.

Coming from another country and with all the Covid restrictions and flight cancellation I got to nervous to firm up.

Dr M was trying to ease my concerns about travel and was going above and beyond to try and accommodate me. He is a good person


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