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Hair systems and skin discoloration?


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Hi, I had an smp client recently book with me that showed me his head during a consultation and i've never seen skin discoloration like this ever, I asked him if he wore a hair system and he said no, so  maybe the guys in here with experience can chime in.  Thanks!

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I have no hair system experience myself, occasionally check in this section when a new post comes up out of curiosity. 

If the guy is actually being honest about never using a system or anything else on his scalp, maybe accumulated damage from long term repeated sun burns? Seems fairly young for that though. A few laser treatments or maybe an exfoliator brush routine will buff it out or improve it? And he could probably get the skin professionally bleached.

Coming back to those pics, that really looks suspicious the way it rounds off along where his hairline would be in the front. If it were some natural disorder you would expect the area to be more randomly shaped.

My personal opinion, there's all kinds of crazy products out there with god-knows-what ingredients to help conceal hair loss and this guy has been doing some experimenting he's probably embarrassed about. Whether it be a hair system or just something he's sprinkled or sprayed on for years.

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