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What do you wear post-op?

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You're not really 'supposed' to wear anything. You just leave your head uncovered unless told otherwise for some specific reason (maybe you live somewhere very hot/sunny for example). In these cases the clinic might give you a bandanna or something similar to carefully place on your head.

Saying that, it's generally fine to carefully wear a very loose fitting cap or hat a few days after surgery in my opinion once everything is scabbed over, you just need to be careful taking it off and on and make sure it's pretty much as loose as it goes. 

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It is best to leave your head uncovered for the first few days after surgery however, you can wear a very loose fitting hat or even a bandanna as long as it’s worn loosely.  The most important thing however, is to not put any pressure or strain on the newly transplanted grafts because this could lead to a loss of follicles and hair.

Best wishes,

Rahal Hair Transplant 

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2 hours ago, Cmax said:

 ...what are you supposed to wear the first few days after surgery?

For the most part I've been walking around completely naked since my hair transplant, just to be safe. The only real adaption I've had to make is to order my food shopping online as I'm now banned from the Sainsbury's down the road. The good news is that I'm sailing through the ugly duckling phase. I've found that wearing nothing out in public tends to detract from the red head and sprouty little hairs so I'm feeling a lot less self-conscious about my post-HT look. The cold weather isn't doing me any favours though.

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Just remember your head will continue to be numb for many weeks.  Just be careful and if you bump your head, check it out, you may not feel it if you scratch your scalp. 

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