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7650 grafts - Hair Transplant Result – 2 Sessions – 1 year - Class 5-6 Patient

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We hereby present a Norwood class 5-6 patient who transplanted in total 7650 grafts in two FUE Hair Transplants, with HDC Hair Clinic.

FUE1 on March 2019 for 3600 grafts

FUE2 on November 2020 for 4050 grafts covering an area of about 93cm.

See below all the photos showing his before, post op and 1 year result in November 2021.

Additionally, we need to state that just covering the scalp with hair is not everything. We need to pay attention to the following details, as we did in this case and to all our patients.

·         Correct hairline design and height of hairline to achieve naturalness

·         Correct angulation of implanted hair to accommodate natural hair style.

·         Correct pattern of recipient sites to mimic natural pattern of hair growth.  avoiding corridors and empty areas.

·         Right number of singles in the front for natural look and maintain density

·          Correct number of grafts per cmsq to achieve coverage and to be in accordance to the donor area.

·         Spiral pattern of growth on the crown.

·         Correct management of donor area to avoid depletion.

At HDC we want to give educational value to our posts.












Immediately after 1st surgery




Immediately after 2nd surgery




Result after 2 surgeries










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Giuseppe Grezzi 

Representative of HDC Hair Clinic and  Hair transplant Technician

Email : giuseppe@hdc.com.cy    Whatapp +357 97 741250   HDC Whatsapp +357 99 205741

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Wow this is absolutely incredible work

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Check out my final hair transplant journey

My Final Hair Transplant Journey (Over 9K Total FUE Grafts) 

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**The procedures were done by Dr. Christina 

A short video from our paitent 🙂



Edited by Doron Harati
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Doron Harati - offical consultation center of HDC clinic (Cyprus), HT procedures are done by MD Doctors with Microscope FUE.

For consultation contact me: WhatsApp +972526542654\ Mail: doronhairadvisor@gmail.com 

My own HT story: https://youtu.be/7M9HxBxtlm4

HDC Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/326632715435825/?ref=share

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On 11/18/2021 at 11:53 AM, Gatsby said:

An excellent result. Can I ask how you decide to place grafts for patients with curly hair so that the curls continue to grow uniformly? Thanks for sharing!

Hi, The grafts need to be placed with correct pattern and direction like the straighter hair grafts. No difference.

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Giuseppe Grezzi 

Representative of HDC Hair Clinic and  Hair transplant Technician

Email : giuseppe@hdc.com.cy    Whatapp +357 97 741250   HDC Whatsapp +357 99 205741

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